Freedom is not for the faint of heart

Freedom is not for the weak. That is for sure. I learned that lesson in Iraq. Our cavalry troopers were out on patrol in spring of 2007 in the villages near our base in Balad. There was an explosion. The truck I was in had rolled over an anti-tank mine, […]

What’s a Baptist?

Here are some resources I am posting from the five-part Baptist identity series I preached in May/June 2018. Here I have given the title, text, a brief summary, key points, and resources to pursue if you want more. As you can see, I defined Baptists as a people for whom […]

Thinking about suicide

One of the high profile suicides that was in the news this past week became a point of discussion at our house. Our kids heard Kate Spade’s name and asked why she was famous. We explained about her work and influence. One of my kids asked: “But if you’re rich, […]

Let freedom ring

As I write this column on Monday, news is breaking that the U.S. Supreme Court decided in favor of a Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. This decision was supported by all but two justices, including three who would not normally be considered “conservative” […]

Hypocrisy bad and good

Every time I put on my military work clothes, there is a cross on my uniform. The cross marks me as a chaplain and is particularly helpful for crisis situations and hospital visits. But the cross also identifies me with a specific religion. It is an interesting experience to live […]